Dr. M.

When I look for a specialist I look for someone who is board certified -Dr. Goldberg is dual board certified – in both Periodontics and Implantology.When I look for a specialist I want to know that my doctor is keeping up with new developments through continuing education – Dr. Goldberg achieves in excess of 5 to 10 times the minimum required continuing education credit hours annually.

Do you want a specialist that goes through the motions or one who is always seeking new information, setting new goals and is motivated to be the best he/she can be?

Despite his dedication to his profession, Dr. G excels in personal fitness training and manages to never miss a beat in those “other” jobs of concerned/involved dad and husband.

I’ve known Dr. Goldberg since the early days of my own general dental practice. If there was ever a role model for a young (and now slightly older) doctor to emulate, then I would have to say one finds this person not in some fictional TV show character but rather right here in Dr. David Goldberg.

So now do you even need to wonder where I refer my family members for periodonal treatment and implants?

Dr. M.

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