Angie P.

Yesterday I had my first dental implant with Dr. Goldberg, Jackie, Diane, and other members of the staff. I was a little nervous even though Dr. Goldberg had previously showed me the scan of my tooth and exactly where the implant would go, answered all my questions in a way I could understand, and confirmed I had a good firm bone foundation for the implant. When I got there yesterday, everyone helped me feel comfortable and they even put on my choice of music. Dr. Goldberg frequently checked with me to make sure I was ok or had any questions during the procedure. It all went very smoothly and quickly for me with a minimum of discomfort. While I can’t say that I hope I’ll need another implant, I do know that I feel like I can count on Dr. Goldberg and everyone there to make it as easy as possible. Also, Dr. Goldberg gave great pre- and post-surgery instructions which I’m sure helped manage the pain, and explained up front the many appointments we’ll have to do (all included in one price) to assure there is no infection. I highly recommend Dr. Goldberg.

-Angie P.

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