Implants and Related Procedures

Read New York Times article, A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges


singletooth_5 Single Tooth Dental Implants multipletooth_5 Multiple Tooth Dental Implants
sinusprocedures Sinus-Related Procedures
Osteotome Procedure
Lateral Wall Sinus Elevation
Implant/Bony Repair
Extraction of Teeth and Grafting of the Extraction Site
Implant Fixture and Screw Repair
How Implants Compare With Other Tooth Replacement Therapies. WhichTooth_thumb Which Tooth is the Implant?
Most of the implants used by Dr. Goldberg are manufactured by 3i (Implant Innovations Inc.) a company that has consistently produced a quality product since 1987. Other implants we use are from the following reputable companies:
Straumann Nobel Biocare


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