Multiple Teeth Dental Implants


  • Titanium implants are so strong, and bond with bone so well, that one may not be needed for each tooth replaced.
  • Your dentist will determine how many implants will be needed in each individual case.
Implants used to support a bridge are placed and allowed to bond with the surrounding bone in the same manner as a single tooth implant. After the appropriate healing time, healing abutments are placed on each implant to allow contouring of the tissue.
When the implant is securely anchored in the bone, the healing abutments are removed and final abutments are attached to the implants. These function as the core of the replacement teeth that are attached directly to the The bridge is designed to be permanently affixed to the implants. As with a single tooth implant, the finished result is as aesthetic as your natural teeth, with the same functionality. There are no unsightly metal hooks or clasps.
Illustrations courtesy of 3i Implant Innovations, Inc.
With today’s newer generation of implants, it is now possible to do the entire process in one visit.



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